Thursday, May 26, 2011

ads? or no ads?

My man sometimes tells me I read too much... there may be some truth to that statement!  

I spent last weekend reading about how to make money blogging.  If you're looking for a great story, there are lots of them out there!  Not sure how many are true but they read like a "happily ever after" story.  

...and then I decided to put my reading into action...

Please bear in mind, that I am a 100% self-taught blogger.  EVERYthing I have done, I have learned by trial and error... mostly error, I'm afraid.  So, with some fear and trepidation I added Google adsense and Amazon associates to my blog to see if I can generate a little extra spending money.

Honestly, I think the only person who noticed my ads was my cousin... at least, I hope she was the only one who noticed because today I saw the Amazon ad...

 ...Lady Gaga...   

Ummm.. I don't think so.  Not in my neck of the blogging woods does Lady Gaga need to appear.  

So, for 5 days I ran ads on my blog.  After Gaga appeared, the ads disappeared.  

...and in those 5 days, I made a whoppin' 45 cents.  Definitely not a "happily ever after" story!


  1. Too funny! sorry i missed that ad i love gaga!

  2. You can sell ads for products you know. I host two text ads on my site. I, too am worried that Google ads will show something weird.


Thank you for your kind words!