Tuesday, March 13, 2012

joy in a bag... it's what you do with your heavy heart

Leave it up to God to show me what to do with a heavy heart...

It's hard to function efficiently with a heart that is weighty.  Do a little laundry, pray.  Dishes, pray.  Make flashcards and giggle with the girl, pray.  I felt like I accomplished little in the day.  In the end, we fed one extra, helped a little, prayed some more.  

Until evening... and a quiet house... and this idea...

Sometimes spontaneity calls for adaptation.  I didn't have a pretty box, nor a lovely basket.  I do, though, have a local Christian bookstore that carries my favorite book as well as Dayspring cards, bags, and journals.

I am not gifted in the art of fancy gifts and packages.  In fact, I kinda stink at the whole wrapping a present thing.  

I truly think there are times when angels intervene and do it for me because those are the times I sit back and think.... Shazam!

Sometimes the way to loose heart weight is to give it away.  It changes nothing of the heavy circumstance... and, yet, sometimes it changes everything.  Sometimes knowing you are not alone in this world is enough to see you through one more day.  

I think I should have fixed the tissue before
I left this at her front door, huh?

Tissue and bag... a little
Book and journal... a little more
Joy in a bag... priceless!

and my heavy heart... a few pounds lighter.

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  1. awesome idea. Do you follow Michelle at Graceful? She has written alot about her writing journey. Look at my blog list, she is there. She often has links to other places that might help with your self-promotion idea.


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