Thursday, March 29, 2012

how to roast a peep...

you might have a large pile 
of spring sticks and limbs 
that cause you to wonder...
what to do with these?

you might have a mountain
of landscaping stones from years ago
that cause you to wonder..
what to do with these?

you might have a flock of spring peeps
and a curious mind
that cause you to wonder...
what would happen if I 
combined those two with these?

so, you find a good spot
and sink your shovel
and dig and dig and dig

and dig and dig 
and dig 
some more
while someone else moves stones

heavy, heavy stones
one at a time
in the warm spring sunshine

together, the two of you
with giggles and laughs
work side by side

to build an accidentally
egg shaped 
fire pit for all to enjoy

you add the big pile of sticks
a few at a time
then a match
or two... or six...
and voila!

next you choose your favorite peep
from the flock
to be the lucky one

carefully, you spear it gently
and slowly roast over the fire
spinning it round and round
on your own rotisserie 

you watch the sugar coating
snap and pop
and smell the caramelization
you watch your lucky peep
 turn golden brown

when you are done 
you have a roasted peep
crunchy outside, melted inside...
its what happens
when you combine
a pile of sticks,
a mountain of old landscape stones
and a flock of peeps...
with some curious kids

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