Wednesday, March 21, 2012

His loving mercy

I can't help but love the days when my God changes up my plans and gifts me with reminders of His tender mercy.

I woke, this morning, to another "no" in the quest of promoting this book.  Another incredibly gracious "no, thanks, but we wish you the best."  

In this journey, I find myself so very thankful for the mercy of my God who has been incredibly kind and merciful to this tender heart.

This morning's gift came just 10 minutes later in the form of a phone call from my long time friend and Emily's guidance counselor.  Two times a month, Carmen organizes the entire school into community service teams and relies on parents to help drive.  Ellen and I often drive to a nursing home with a great group of boys.  Today, though, the phone call and the plea to cover for someone else... and go to a farm.

"Take Ellen!  She'll love it!" she said.  "And, you can sit and read a book, if you want."  

"I'm in!"  

Ellen helped get a pony brushed and ready for a pony party this weekend.  I think she loved every single minute of it.

...and me?  Well... I didn't read a book... instead, I sat at a picnic table on a most gorgeous March morning and wrote.

The gift of time to work on a sequel.  Time to do what I love to do...

...all because of His loving mercy and the gifts He bestows day after day.



  1. Good luck on your current book and I pray the words flow for your second one as well!
    From the pictures you must be in the Midwest..I am too I recognize the barns :)

  2. What a beautiful attitude! Visiting from Ann's.


Thank you for your kind words!