Friday, December 31, 2010

their pictures...

Don't you just love this picture I took of my new niece?

Or how about this one with my youngest holding her new cousin....

I also have this one of Ellen with her two cousins closest to her age....

Great pictures... aren't they?

What?!?  You can't see them?  I'm so sorry... that would be because I deleted the entire folder when I was getting ready to download them... yep... ALL gone!

So.. instead... I give you these pictures that my very talented sisters took of the incredible cousin time we are having right now.... enjoy their pictures.... they are way much more talented than I....

Ellen and Annie training for the winter olympics

the next Dorothy Hamill
fun on the ice
Audrey meeting Ellen and Annie
cousin Twister

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  1. Oh, Heidi, I am SO sorry!! How frustrating! I am thankful you had these to share. Enjoy this special time with your family!


Thank you for your kind words!