Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Master Ruler... TOS Crew Review

Master Innovations sent me 2 Master Rulers (1 standard measure and the other metric measure), "Marvels of Measure" poster and Mastering the World of Measuring with the Master Ruler workbook to try in our home school for my evaluation and review.  

From The Master Ruler webpage...

The Master Ruler is SEVERAL rulers in one!  The only ruler of its kind that makes learning to measure easy and fun!  Available in standard, metric and a special teacher's model that is designed for use with overhead projectors.

~Instantly understand the lines on a ruler - no more confusion or guessing!

~Separate layers for each fraction of measurement.
~Each fraction has its own color and index tab for easy identification and separation. 
~Ideal for learning equivalent fractions, scale drawings, area, perimeter, and various map skills.
~Learn to measure each fraction of measurement by using its own layer.
Bottom line: 
The Master Ruler is the most revolutionary, unique, creative, and effective product teaching measurement to come on the market today.  The Master Ruler is actually SEVERAL rulers in one.  It is the only ruler of its kind that makes learning to measure easy and fun!  Ideal for learning equivalent fractions, scale drawings, area, & perimeter easily too!  It's colorful design appearls to students instantly while teachers love the way it simplifies and compliments their teaching methods.  The high quality packaging with "easy to use" instructions is visually stimulating and adds excitement to the classroom.

Emily was willing to be my "tester" and she completed the Mastering the World of Measuring with the Master Rule book.  Here is what she says...
I am in 6th grade and I did this book.  It is very short.  I think there should be more problems and exercises to do in it.  I also think there should be more explanation.  For example, had I not already known how to measure, I would not have known how to complete the problems in this book.  With more explanation, I would recommend it.
I agree with Emily.  The rulers are terrific and I'm sure we will use them for a long time.  The poster I will use again to help 7 year old, Ellen master measuring.  However, the workbook seemed lacking in explanation and in depth.
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**disclaimer... I was sent these products free of charge for my honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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