Monday, February 13, 2012

when I have it backward...

Yesterday's JOY DARE... 
three hard eucharisteos

...why is this so hard for me?  

why do I easily say thank You for the hard things...

... the low checking account balance that leaves me trusting 
... the broken bone and that it is only one 
... the phone call to the surgeon, who was in California, because my man, the OR nurse, trusts him with our son

Why is it these things that I find to be the hard eucharisteo?  Why do I stumble saying thank You for these...

... the ones whose comments make my head spin
... the relatively easy conversations with the school this morning to get the mancub out of school for a few days
... my man's knowledge and expertise that this mother's heart fails to trust

I've wondered if I live life backward?  Why is the hard easier than the simple?  Why does my tongue stumble over thank You...

... for miscommunication that ends in abiding love
... for a mancub with heart full of adventure
... for the intent of the heart rather than the words of the mouth

The longer I live... the less I know.  Today, I seem to know very little... except that I live the hard eucharisteo backward.  

It's easy for me to say thank You for things I deem out of my control.  It's much harder to say thank You in an effort to control the attitude of my heart. 

join me in joining in the gratitude community at Ann's on this Multitude Monday?


  1. Over here from Ann's and counting along with you. I agree the hard eucharisteo is hard. :)

  2. Yes, the hard thanksgiving is hard. And therein lies the rub. But it's in the toughest things that we produce the most beauty.


Thank you for your kind words!