Saturday, February 04, 2012

celebrating friendships...

Sometimes you just have to 
get in your truck
with 3 great women
to run far away
for a few hours

Sometimes the only way to
take time to celebrate friendships
and birthdays is to make time

So when one has a 39th birthday
{for the 1st time, as she says}
you cannot NOT celebrate

So you journey back country roads
and state highways 
to travel back in time

just for lunch... 
turkey panini with spinach and artichoke 
pineapple, cantaloupe and Greek salad...
plum iced tea and tomato artichoke soup

a half order of
raspberry apple bread pudding
'cuz you are just too full 
to consider a full order

Since you are so full...
you walk and look
and dream and laugh

cuz you know that time like this
is a gift and friends like these
don't come every day

so, sometimes you just have
to make time

to run away to Pickles
in Plumtickled Junction,
with 3 great women
to celebrate a life
and friendship

we dare you to try 
to find this on 
any map 

we're confident you'd be hard pressed
to do so...

which is why we 
run far away
for a few hours

every once in a while.