Friday, February 03, 2012

what is REAL?

Joining in with the community at thegypsymama to write for 5 minutes today.  

The theme?  Real


Real... is it the fog outside my window that matches the fog inside my head?  Is real what I see or what I feel or both?

Real... is it the fact that I can now see the entire floor to my laundry room?  We went 30 hours without clean dish towels.  Not that we really needed them... not sure I did dishes in that time.  Instead it was run here, go there, eat out, eat pb&j.  It's my reality... my real.  It's not the Norman Rockwellish, June Cleaver look that is in my head of all five of us sitting down for a beautiful meal every. single. meal.  Nope... real is the mountain of laundry that I conquered this morning to be able to see that floor and real is having clean dish towels for today.

Real... is it what I project my life when I blog?  Do others read my blog and see what I want them to see?  Do they see Martha Stewart or do they see the chaos/mess that is my life... my real?  

Real... do I let others see my real in REAL life?  Do I try to cover up the real with the cosmetic fake to look like the dutiful wife, good mom, obedient Christian, successful homeschooler?  Yes... I do try to cover up my warts, zits and blemishes but often my make-up runs off and I'm left standing in a puddle facing the real.

Real... it's all of this and more.


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