Monday, December 12, 2011

what if...

What if?  I think I know the answer...  I would be changed from the inside out.  Every. single. thing would take on a new luster and I would take on a new joy. 

I am quick to forget though.   He is faithful to remind me.  This morning this cartoon was on the wall of a facebook friend.  This is how I want to be every. single. day.

Continuing to count with the gratitude community on this Multitude Monday...

... a warm house
... love inside
... my big bathtub
... snuggling with a warm puppy
... a girl big enough to make her own teacher treats and clean up afterward

... coffee with Sweet Italian Cream
... smaller jeans
... learning to cast down idols
... forgiveness
... His faithfulness

... coming home to a rousing game of Monopoly
... the creativity of my friend Kari
... her servant's heart
... the sharing of her talent
... friendship

... family Bible time
... hearing the prayers of my children
... the glimpses of maturity I see
... Advent traditions
... that the almost 15 year old still participates

... learning to embrace more by living less each Advent
... the thrill of my 3 E's servant hearts this beginning day of Toy Time
... answered prayer
... upcoming Christmas break
... the promise of family coming


  1. I love the cartoon...that absolute joy. I want it, too. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Days turn from bleak to blissful when we are grateful.

  3. I saw this cartoon on FB today too! Love it. I love sweet Italian Creamer in my coffee, and am thankful today for answered prayer!


Thank you for your kind words!