Monday, September 26, 2011

Multitude Monday music...

It's just another Multitude Monday... (yep, singing it to the tune of "Manic Monday"... gotta love 80s music!).

It's another rainy Monday (now, the song is "Rainy Days and Mondays" with Karen Carpenter's voice in my head) on this "September Morn" (ok, ok, I'll stop with Neil Diamond...).

Really, folks, this is what sleep does to me.  I slept most of the weekend (except when the Colts ALMOST pulled it out last night) and now that I'm not so sleep deprived, I feel good (mixing in a little James Brown).

I'm also feeling very grateful... counting my gifts with the gratitude community at Ann's.

Fore these and many other gifts of grace, I am grateful...

... rainy mornings
... seat warmers in my car
... travel mugs 
... cheerful girls on the way to school

... my library!
... seeing my favorite librarian again after her extended vacation...
... a few minutes to talk with a friend at the library
... knowing I can pray for her
... computer time for Ellen

... money to feed my family
... finding things on my list on sale
... learning how to do more with less
... the giggling girl in the front seat
... family games

... watching NFL with my boys
... Fantasy Football with extended family
... Friday, Saturday and Sunday naps
... a warm house
... candle light

... a girl who is proud of her assignment today
... children who are doing well in school
... more family time as fall sports begin to slow down
... school at the table with the 8 year old
... listening to her read to me

... learning more of what WORSHIP means
... peace and joy on a Sunday morning
... learning to embrace this season of my life
... finding ways to make memories
... treasuring my family

... music
... fun songs that cause me to praise Him
... singing in my heart
... listening to the 8 year sing any. thing!
... the gift of joy, fun and silliness!


  1. Seat warmers? It's 86 here today. I can't imagine seat warmers in September! But yes, how wonderful cold weather can be because the desire to bundle up and cozy up with family brings us all together! Amen!
    Came over from Ann's today. I had school at the table with my 9 & 7 year old today. It was just much warmer here! HA!

  2. Gratitude - it changes everything for the better.


Thank you for your kind words!