Saturday, September 24, 2011

a lesson on blooming...

God continues to use my kids to teach me much
and my greatest life lessons have come from being a parent

...this week the lesson came from #86

He got in the truck after practice on Wednesday and said
"I'm starting"

woo hoo!!  Yes!  Yeah! 

and then I saw his face...
"at left guard"


you see... he's a receiver
the roster says so
the depth chart says so
he thinks so

and yet, the higher authorities were starting him
in a defensive position on the offensive line

and he was less than thrilled

look at that incredible block by the left guard!

by game time on Thursday, though,
he was ready to go

he chose to be the best
left guard he could be

and he did

in the end
he played 5 different positions
including receiver
and most of the winning game

What's the life lesson?

Well, I don't always like my
starting position either

I want to be what I think I am
and when I find myself filling another role
I'm not often thrilled

I watched my son bloom
where he was planted
and I saw his reward...

a boy more than thrilled when he walked
out of the locker room
with that deep thrill and contentment
that comes from doing a great job...

regardless of what the job is.

He who is faithful in a very little thing is
faithful also in much
Luke 16:10

**all photo credit goes to my very talented neighbor, Doug Vogel, who posted these great shots on facebook and graciously is permitting me to blog them.  Thanks Doug!!

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  1. Oh, Heidi! This post really spoke to me- both the lesson and the message. I have much to learn from my own three and yes I want to bloom where I've been planted, too.


Thank you for your kind words!