Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday's randomness...

Is "randomness" a word... not sure on that one but my brain is on random overdrive today.  So many thoughts... so little cohesiveness....

...tomorrow... TOMORROW NIGHT!!!  my man and almost 12-year old leave for 8 days in Guatemala!!  Including travel time... 9 days away.  My heart is so divided.  I'm thrilled for the opportunity for them... thrilled that I don't have to go (it's the whole "motion sickness" thing... suffice it to say, I don't do motion well)... and terrified at the thought of how much I will miss both of them!  Terrified is probably slightly strong but I am thinking I will miss them terribly!!

... ellipsis and exclamation points!!  I use both of them all.the.time.  I like them.  However, most editors would agree... these things should be used sparingly.  I guess if I want to be serious about writing the ellipsis and exclamation points need to go.  

Which means I have some serious editing to do on the Bible studies that are floating around in cyberspace...

... Bible studies... and what to do with them?!  A continual question in my mind but now that has changed their policy and require membership and payment, I need to think of another way to offer these either free or at a very limited cost.  Any suggestions???

... Dutch Blitz... there is a rousing game of Dutch Blitz happening at my feet.  However, the two players are each trying to change the rules... makes me laugh!

Just as I promised... randomness...

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  1. Dutch Blitz.....that's been on my wish list for some time. I better buy it before my children grow up. :)

    Guatemala? Wow. May God bless them with safe travel and the most amazing memories!


Thank you for your kind words!