Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh the places you will go...a Gabby Mom review

Oh the places you will go
and the things you will see,
if you are my Eternal Encouragement
magazine along with me!

We'll travel together, you and I;
you are such a great size!
You fit so nicely in my purse
this issue... Time Flies.

I can take you to track meets 
while passing time in the bleachers.
I can take you to shoe stores
while the 14 year old looks for new sneakers.

Snippets of wisdom
and essays of God's grace
 make it easy to read you
in line... saving my place.

These dear homemaking writers
and moms who walk the path ahead
I read their lessons and insight
until late, snuggled in my bed.

My favorite article on page 38
tells of "A Mother Who Takes Time."
Donna Venning's words cause me to ponder..
I can take time and move outside to dine!

I'm so very thankful for
and for The Gabby Moms too
and for the opportunity they have given me
to do this review!

Oh the places you will go 
and the things you will see
If you are my Eternal Encouragement
magazine blogging next to me!

This product was given 
free of charge to me
for my own thoughts and honest review...
Dr. Seuss I do not claim to be!


  1. Very creative. Good job! ~Fellow GM

  2. Hah! I loved this very much, so creative!

  3. Great job!
    ~Jada/another Gabby Mom

  4. That was just delightful to read! Love your review, blessings!

  5. Thanks for making me smile, Heidi! :)


  6. Can I say anything else that has not yet been said? Amazing, creative, beautiful review with beautiful pictures.

    I followed you today. Hope you can visit and follow me back!

  7. Very creative poem!! Awesome job! I am not good at poetry.

    Fellow Gabby Mom

  8. Congrats on being recognized for your post, team-mate! :)


Thank you for your kind words!