Sunday, October 24, 2010

for these things...#101-#125

for these things
and more
I am grateful...

#101- #125
~a family who lets Mom rest
~another vacation paid for as we went
~healthy children
~laundry finished before the week begins
~finding myself "caught up" on life before beginning a new school week

~the smell of fall in the air
~the sound of my daughter and mother crunching through the fallen leaves on a beautiful fall day
~the palate of colors displayed by a most creative Creator
~the taste of fresh, cold apple cider purchased at a roadside farm market
~the feel of a soft fleece on a cool morning

~a million and one memories
~evenings where 3 generations drew close around God's Word and His Throne
~close cousins and great cousin time
~connecting with my sisters and brothers around a campfire
~listening as my mom read aloud to my kids just as she did 35 years ago to me and my siblings

~backyard football, pizza and extra cousin time
~a new cousin on the way
~a husband and son who knew how to fix a broken axel part on the trailer 
~and 18 year old camper that continues to hold together
~safe traveling over 1500 miles

~for a God who created me beautiful
~for the lessons He's teaching me in this regard
~for the soft, sweet whispers of His truth to my deceived heart
~for the days that I can see beauty in the mirror
~for His Truth that will set me free

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