Monday, October 04, 2010


continuing last week's gratitude post... numbers 80-100

For these... and more... I am grateful...

~beautiful fall days
~a great trip Amish grocery shopping today
~the opportunity to take a meal to my dear friend, Cindy, tonight
~that Cindy has not yet been sick from chemo
~the privilege to walk Kim's 5K on Saturday
~that my muscles are no longer screaming at me from Saturday's 5K
~an incredible family Sabbath celebration on Saturday evening
~a restful day yesterday
~looking forward to CAMPING!!
~a man who comes home every single day to me!
~having survived "little people" stage
~encouragement of long distance friends on facebook
~the thrill of spending my days with the ones I love most
~a growing church family and the growing pains that come with the growth
~an incredible lunch with a dear friend on Saturday
~a beautiful quiet time with the Spirit on a beautiful quiet morning
~the sound of Ellen's giggle
~listening to Emily pray
~watching Eric play with little Myla
~the fact that Ebony is a little less puppy every day!


  1. I love your idea of a gratitude post. You remind me to count my own blessings and realize that each day has something to offer. I'm going to start doing this in my journal.

  2. Lydia is playing so well by herself these days. . .I haven't had a child that did that in well, in a lonnnnggg time! So I agree 100 percent with you on the little people stage. . .so glad its Becky and Susy in the midst of that!

  3. Beautiful list, Heidi! I can thank God with you for those growing pains that come with a growing church. And, yes, how blessed with are to have faithful husbands. I like the picture of you and your husband from the anniversary post you did awhile ago. So sweet!

  4. What a beautiful list. I've thought of starting an gratitude journal, but never make the time.


Thank you for your kind words!