Thursday, January 07, 2010

a winter wonderland gift

It's snowing. Again! My view is so beautiful...made more beautiful because I have no where to go and no place to be and no need to drive. I can just enjoy...bliss!

My sister has challenged me to consciously look for God in the details of my life. This has been such a good exercise for me. So often, I get so busy just trying get everything done that I don't slow down enough to even see where God is blessing me. God's blessings are gifts designed specifically for me. When I slow to recognize His blessings, I become more thankful. When I become more thankful, my heart becomes more joyful and I slow down more to see more blessings from God. It's a wonderful cycle....I just don't allow myself to be caught in this whirlpool very often.

Today is a winter wonderland gift for me. Another day given by Him to enjoy Him, to enjoy His Creation, to view His art work and to slow down to enjoy His gifts named Eric, Emily and Ellen. A day of choosing to cancel plans and stay home, choosing joy instead of frustration at plans that have gone awry, choosing to slow down. A day of completing school without issues. A day of laughing while Ellen "swims" in the tub (swimsuit and
all) and smiling at Emily playing in the snow with the dogs. A day for Eric to catch up on some class reading. A day to just be and to just be together.

Thank You LORD for this unexpected gift of another slow day, a gift on this beautiful winter wonderland you are painting outside my window! Thank You for your specific gifts of blessings in my life. Thank You for Your constant faithfulness in my life. Thank You for slowing me down enough to see You, to see Your blessings and to thank You for Your faithfulness in my life.

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