Saturday, August 13, 2011

Surrender? DEATH FIRST!

"For the last time, surrender!"

(The Princess Bride)

I've been thinking much lately about the concept of surrendering.  Specifically, surrendering my life to the One who created it and living a life where I willingly lay down my will and surrender to His.

Years ago, a kindred spirit asked me pointedly, "are you surrendered on that?"  

That question is now a signature question between us.  She keeps me grounded.  She points me to Christ.  She keeps me accountable.  I love that and I love her.

As I've spent the greater part of today contemplating surrender and leading a surrendered life, the above quote keeps coming to mind.  

I hate dying to self but death comes before surrender.  I can't life a surrendered life until I lay down my selfish ambition and desires and embrace what He has for me.  If I don't die to self, there is no room for anything else.    

Surrender?  DEATH FIRST!

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