Saturday, August 13, 2011

the perils of iced coffee...

A few years ago, I was able to purchase my dream... a macbook.  I love my little white computer and it often goes where I go.  Though it has a few battle scars, it's held up remarkably well... even to iced coffee.

Yes!  Just about an hour ago, I dumped iced coffee in my lap and on mac.  Not a good idea.  In fact, bad... very, very bad idea!  Though my lap caught most of the coffee, a good amount did get on my computer.  Not good.

Often, I use my little corner of the blogosphere to shout out praise to God... thanking Him for the gifts in the everyday.  Well, if you all could here me now... I am praising Him!   

For a reason, known only to Him, my computer still works.  I took the back off, let it dry and voila, here we go.  Seriously, this is a gift.  Plain and simply a gift from above...

He protected my computer from the perils of iced coffee and daily He protects me from myself!


  1. Very glad to hear that iced coffee (which is usually such a wonderful thing!) was not the undoing of your computer. Praising Him with you!

  2. My be a family thing. . .clumsiness that is!

    Glad there was no per abate damage!


Thank you for your kind words!