Tuesday, August 09, 2011

10,000 words in one day...

Emily, at Chatting at the Sky, is a writer and an encourager.  She writes about writing and her posts have encouraged me here in my little spot of the blogging community.  She writes about fear, insecurity and art.  I can relate.

On a last-minute decision, Sunday, I opted to stay home.  My sisters were gathering at my parent's lake house.  The cousin time would have been great.  The sister time, better.  But, I just couldn't go.  I felt the pull to be home.  I thought it was because we have been gone much this summer and we have had unexpected expenses lately.  I thought I was being wise and frugal.  Looking back, I was being obedient.

"What are you going to do today?"  a friend asked at church.  

"Stay home in front of the fan and melt into a puddle" I replied.

I did stay home.  I did stay in front of the fan.  However, I did not melt into a puddle.  Instead, I wrote.  I opened my computer to write a few tentative lines and hours later I went to bed with 10,000 words written.  

I think we all have a story or two.  I have one that has been brewing on again/off again in my soul for over nine years.  

What I know now, that I didn't know on Sunday, is this... it is time to tell the story.  And, it was obeying God's prompting that kept me home on a hot, sticky day.

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  1. thats a lot of words. . .

    Glad it was cathartic and you didn't melt into a puddle.


Thank you for your kind words!