Sunday, July 31, 2011

soul breathing...

there is something about time away that allows my soul to breathe 
in the rush of life, 
I tend to hold my breath 
until my soul is starved for oxygen...
gasping for a few moments of quiet rest
to get some air
8 days,
4 states, 
over 1300 miles
and time spent with 13 of my favorite people
gave my soul time to breathe
after some deep breathing
my soul awakens
and sees gifts from above
a few hours before Multitude Monday
begins at Ann's
my list of gifts is long... 
...for the blessing of another family camping trip
...that he knows how to fix the truck
...for family that allows us to camp in their back yard for free
...for a camper that keeps on going mile after mile
...3 generations together again
...for God's provision and protection over many miles
...starting and ending the week at the cousin's house evening swimming at the beach
...the cool of the water on yet another hot day
...quiet conversations on the beach
...meeting one who has prayed for my children lessons to stretch and to strengthen Eric
...realize anew that college friends are friends for life
...being treated to DQ
...seeing talent bloom
...discovering Norske Nook
...getting soaked on the log ride at Mall of America
...hearing the squeals and giggles as the two girls in front of me got wet
...watching a big sister share her American Girl gift card with her little sister
...sandcastles and slow time
...cousins who long for time together
...being reminded that my man who values family together time is a rare jewel
...many rousing games of the "Alphabet Game" over the miles
...a cool night to sleep without electricity
...evening Yahtzee games
...being reminded that every good and perfect gift comes from above
...standing in awe of the Creator of the universe
...learning that He wants to bless me
...realizing the blessings

join me in counting at Ann's...

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