Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peril in the Palace...a Tyndale Review

Over the years, we've listened to countless hours of Adventures in Odyssey.  It seems as if Whit, Connie, Eugene and Tom Riley have accompanied us on every road trip we have ever taken.  We've loved listening to the adventures and misadventures of gang at Whit's End... especially the experiences taken in the Imagination Station.  

Needless to say, when the offer, from the Tyndale Blog Network, came to review a couple of Adventures in Odyssey books came up, I gladly agreed.  And, when those books came in the mail, Emily intercepted them before I could even peruse them.  She read them in an evening and passed them on to her best friend before I could say "hey!  I need to review those!"  

The Imagination Station Series of books, written by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker, tell the story of two 8 year old cousins, Patrick and Beth, and the adventures they go on through Mr. Whitacre's invention... The Imagination Station.  

Each book takes the cousins to a particular time in history.  In book 3, Peril in the Palace, Patrick and Beth find themselves in China in 1271 where they meet up with Marco Polo, share their faith with Kublai Khan and end up in a spiritual showdown with Mongol magicians.  

Beth and Patrick's adventures do not end in China.  In book 4, Revenge of the Red Knight, the Imagination Station takes them to 15th century England and Lord Darkthorn's castle.  The cousins find themselves accused of theft, in jail and in a jousting contest.

The Imagination Station Series of books are written for ages 7 and up.  The books include short chapters, great action and fun illustrations to make them fun to read... even for a 12 year old who has grown up listening to Adventures in Odyssey!

**disclaimer... I was given these 2 books for my honest review through my affiliation with Tyndale Blog Network.  I received no other compensation.

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