Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how to dress a llama...

If you want to dress a llama,
you have to find a llama.
There are lots of llamas
to choose from at the Fair.
If you want to dress a llama at the Fair
you have to, first, choose a costume.
It's very helpful to choose something
that the llama would like to wear.
and in something that you can easily cut up
out of your dad's closet.
If you want to dress a llama,
be sure to pack lots of safety pins
but be very, very careful that you don't
poke yourself and bleed on your costume.
And as you are dressing your llama
don't forget his feet
your llama may not like his spiffy new surgical booties
but it is all about completing the costume, right?
And if you want to dress a llama,
don't forget to dress yourself
because, of course, if your llama is a doctor
he will need a patient
For all your hard work
dressing your llama
you may even place third
in Llama Costume Class at the Fair.


  1. Bahahahaha OMGoodness, that is tooo adorable lol


Thank you for your kind words!