Saturday, November 12, 2011

a hurricane force gale in my heart...

Sometimes the Holy Spirit breathes as a soft breeze in my heart.  I like the feel of that.  It's soft, gentle, smooth, comfortable.  I'd like to say I always respond when He breathes in me like that... but no, not always.

Other times, a tempest gale stirs my soul.  I don't always like the feel of that.  It's rough, hard, painful and leaves scars.  You'd think the pain alone would make me want to always respond to Him when the tempest gales come... you'd think.

Then... then, there are times when the Holy Spirit blows through my spirit with a hurricane force wind.  There is no ignoring Him.   His very presence demands my attention, my obedience, my answer.  Tears are my response.  I am moved beyond myself.   I am brought to tears, tears that I can not always explain.  My heart dares not say anything but YES LORD!  I love the feel of that!

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