Friday, March 04, 2011

in repentance and rest...

This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says:
   “In repentance and rest is your salvation, 
   in quietness and trust is your strength, 
   but you would have none of it.
Isaiah 30:15

I'm learning...ever so slowly... that this is the way to live.  This is what leads to peace and joy in the journey.  This is God's best for my life.

This... "in repentance and rest is your salvation"... repentance... rest.  And... "in quietness and trust is your strength"... quietness... trust.

In myself, and of my own accord, I don't do repentance, rest, quietness and trust.  Honestly, I know no one who would use those terms to describe me (especially the quietness part....).  

And, yet, my God says this is my salvation... this is my strength.  I'm learning this His way is right... good... true.  

He's given me a taste of this and it tastes sweet... yummy... fulfilling... and I'm finding myself craving it... craving more repentance and rest.... more quietness and trust... craving more of Him.

He's given me many gray snowy days this winter to be "stuck at home" to find quietness and rest... to take time to repent and trust.  These days have renewed my mind... filled my heart... restored my soul.

Oh... that I would remember this time and not go out renewed and come back empty.  I don't want, any longer, to be she who God spoke of "but you would have none of it."

Claiming a rainy, stormy March morning to be inside... repentance and rest... quietness and trust.

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