Friday, June 10, 2011

on weariness...

I seem to experience different kinds of weariness in life.  Such as...

the I'm-so-tired-I-can-hardly-keep-my-eyes-open weary


the bone-aching-I-can-hardly-move weary


the if-one-more-person-says-"MOM!"-I'm-going-to-scream weary

or even

the life-is-too-overwhelming-to-breathe weary

All cause weariness.  All wear me out at times.  All true to my life at one time or another.

... and then, there is the best kind of weariness...

the I've-given-all-I've-got-for-Him weary

That is where I am, tonight.  I'm bone deep exhausted.  It's been a week of preparing VBS for 75 kids on Monday, taking a girl to 4H camp, planning a family reunion, preparing for Fair, getting up and driving a boy to early morning football practice, editing and rewriting 7 Bible studies and preparing for a new ministry site.  It's been hours facing my computer screen, a zillion emails and countless texts.  It's even settling for Burger King tonight only because it was easy and cheap.

Though I am tired, this is the kind of weary I like.  It's knowing that though I am tired, what I'm doing matters.  It's the kind of weary I want to be when He finally calls me home and I fall on my face at His feet.  I want to KNOW that I've given all I've got for Him...

...I want to be that weary.

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